Forest Hills Foundation for Education

Who We Are

The Forest Hills Foundation for Education (FHFE) is an independent foundation that works collaboratively with the Forest Hills school district to provide educational enrichment opportunities.

Our board of directors is made up of Forest Hills alumni, parents, grandparents, friends and community leaders who share a passion for education. For a list of our current Forest Hills Foundation for Education board members please go to our website at

We do not duplicate the work of other parent groups or booster clubs.

Our Mission

The Forest Hills Foundation for Education (FHFE) is a non-profit organization that raises money to enhance the educational experience of Forest Hills students by supporting initiatives not funded by tax dollars or budgeted by the school district.

Our Vision

We provide access to educational enrichment opportunities that ignite learning, improve educational outcomes, and and prepare our students to be confident, competent, and engaged citizens.

Where We’ve Been—Where We Want To Go

The Forest Hills Foundation formed in 2008 by interested community members to provide private funding for educational initiatives that are not covered by the district’s budget.

We now have active programs in all 9 of our schools, reaching students of all ages. We have received positive feedback from students, teachers and parents on the benefits of our programs, but there is much more we can do as school budgets get tighter and the needs of our students get more complex.

We want to expand the programs we already have to include more students as demand continues to increase. We want to initiate additional programs to make sure our students can compete with the best in college and in the workplace. We will select those programs based on feedback from parents, students, and educators in an effort to maximize value. We have set goals to increase our program support five-fold over the next five years.

For more information go to our website or contact our Executive Director, Dee Stone, at or 513-­520-­5409.